Budapest Travel Diaries -III (Photo Trek)

Photography is an integral part of our travel as it dominates our selection of places, activities and even itinerary. After our research and information from fellow travelers over the internet, we came up with this modified version of a trek to Gillert hill which covers almost all major photo spots in Budapest for night photography. […]

Budapest Travel Diaries – I (Pest)

Budapest, a gem of Eastern Europe which is usually not on everyone’s list of places for Euro trip, must be on the top. This city has something to offer to everyone. It is a paradise for photographers, an open exhibition of Renaissance architecture, a hard core party capital with its own flavor of ruin pubs and most important, it’s easy on your wallet.

Santorini Travel Diary

A romantic morning at Oia Santornin, Greece ~@Travel Anubhav

After watching endless Bollywood movie songs, great pictures by photographer friends and fellow travellers​ all over the internet, there was no doubt in selecting Santorini in the list of places for our dream backpacking trip to Europe for 3 months.

5 Reasons to pack your bags to Varkala

I always ask this question to people, “What would you prefer for you ideal vacation, Mountains or Beaches ?”, which segregates them into two major categories of travellers. Some people prefer beaches and some are self proclaimed mountain addicts. I appreciate beaches because of the sense of infinity it provides at the horizon. But I personally prefer […]